What makes 'Quick Quest' a best software?

Different user access levels

User access levels Defend question papers and answers bank against unauthorized access. Control user operations through different user account types. Quick Quest provides administrator, data entry operator and guest user account types.

Quickly create question papers

Quick Quest works faster High performance question paper creator engine analyse thousands of questions and produce competent exam question papers in the format recommended by your examination board.
Know how you can create question papers in different formats.

Scan questions rather typing them all

OCR feature The integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine help convert scanned text images (TIFF and JPEG files) to editable text and automatically import in Question entry window.
Find out how you can scan documents in Quick Quest.

Local language support

Type in your local language The rich text format support in Quick Quest offer storing text entered in your local language. Quick Quest can integrate with your favorite local language software.
Check how can you enter questions and answers in your local language.

Quickly generate answer papers for evaluation

Papers lot Generate answer papers for a question paper. Print multiple copies and distribute to the staff when evaluating student answer sheets.

Store unlimited questions and answers

Store Unlimited Questions No matter how big question and answer bank you want to manage, Quick Quest is always ready. Experience the limitless possibilities .

Integrated spell check

Spell check feature integrated Use in-built spell check feature for error free question and answer texts.

No training required to use Quick Quest

If you know Windows, you know Quick Quest Experience the ease of use as you do with your version of Microsoft Windows®. Check how we designed intuitive user interface.

Save question with images and equations

Rich Text support The smart question and answer entry window in Quick Quest support saving complex text content.

LAN Support

Quick Quest LAN Edition Setup Quick Quest for multi-user access. Manage questions and answers in distributed environment and accelerate the work.

Automatic updates

Quick Quest updates automatically Keep your copy of Quick Quest current by fetching the latest feature updates from SrushtiSoft secured server.

Create impressive formatting texts

Format in your favorite text editor Use your favorite document editing software to create finest formatted text content and save back in Quick Quest.

Track users activity

Track user activity Even when you are not looking over your users shoulders, you can still track their activities more effectively.

Question bank status report

Monitor Question bank health More questions in the bank help to generate unrepeated question papers and therefore timely monitoring of question bank health is important. Check question counts on different levels (subject, course period, department, institution wise).

Desktop version

Quick Quest desktop version If you are an individual and don't need LAN setup, Quick Quest is available for your desktop computer.

We stand by you!

Quick Quest support We are always with you. Contact us anytime for Technical support, software usage recommendations and enhancements.

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